If you are headed north to Whitehorse, at Jake's Corner there is a junction that takes you to the recreational destination of Atlin, B.C.  The road is chip sealed and you first drive along the very impressive Little Atlin Lake

That is just a hint of what is ahead.  Atlin is on the shores of Atlin Lake, the largest natural lake in British Columbia and surrounded by the coastal snow capped mountains.  Atlin sprang to life during the Gold Rush in 1898 and, at one time, had a population of 10,000.  By the 1920's it became a tourist destination and became known as the "Switzerland of the North".  There remains huge appeal for Europeans and for miners with many today still operating small placer claims during the summer months.  Population ranges from 400 - 500 with summer being very active and winter months a little slower but with a developing heli-skiing industry.

The town has many original buildings from the gold rush but also modern day homes for those who are wanting a quiet life away from the stress filled lives in larger centers.  Atlin is not an incorporated community and therefore has a sense of the freedoms that many people seek.  Most services are available in the community and there are opportunities available for those with the vision to be independent and self-sufficient.  A great place to raise your family, retire or to just live a slower pace of life.

There are many great sites to check out to really get a sense of Atlin.  If you have never visited, perhaps this is the year to do just that!

In the meantime check out the links on our Links page.   Also, check OUR LISTINGS page for fabulous homes in the Atlin area (Altin properties have a blue banner that says ATLIN) in addition to Atlin's Northern Homes Real Estate on Facebook.

I try to be in Atlin once a month, occasionally twice. My cell phone will have limited coverage in Atlin - leave me a message and when I can access a wi-fi signal I will return your call. Ideally, if you wish to view a property with me (or talk to me) please send me an email or Facebook message as I will check frequently during my visit. My cell phone will not show missed phone messages when I am out of cell service so the email, text or Facebook message is the best. Watch Facebook's Atlin's Northern Homes Real Estate for the date of my next visit.