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I always spend these days remembering those that lost their lives in past wars and those fortunate to have served and return.  I had a great uncle who perished in WW I and I will post the story telling of his passing later.  I also was fortunate that my father, my uncle and several other relatives were fortunate to be able to return.  My father served right behind the front lines and landed on the beaches of Normandy - we visited those beaches with the mulberrys still visible and the german bunkers in the sand dunes overlloking the beaches.

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For those of you who love the northern lights, whether to get out and photograph or just to view, if our skies are clear, tonight is the night.  They should be phenomenal and enjoyed anywhere in Canada as well as down into the states.  The perfect night for sitting out in the hottub or going for a drive into the country!


Check out this site ... as you scroll down the site you can see a live view of where the strength of the lights are reaching.

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Winter has officially arrived.  The only fresh footprints on the walking trail belong to the wildlife and the snow is quite deep for a first real snowfall.  The sun is starting to peek out and it should make it a magnificent day - get out and enjoy it!


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Michelle Ruggles of Greyhound indicated this morning that their driver saw a weak or injured swan alongside the highway at Bougie Creek.  If anyone happened upon the swan and picked it up I can provide you with some excellent contact information regarding a rehabilitation facility that has good success and how to get it to them.  Just email or text me.

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Just a quick reminder to everyone ... while the rest of the country changes their clocks this weekend we do not!!!

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Wilf Hoath of Subway made an interesting presentation to the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Board Meeting on Monday regarding a proposal to recycle organic materials that normally wind up in our landfill - cardboard, paper, garden clippings, food waste, etc.  He has been doing this himself for several years on a small scale using earthworms. The NRRM is currently working on a solid waste management plan so Wilf's proposal was received in time to be part of that review process.  Meanwhile, we all could be doing this on our own lots!

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Setting up a webpage is frustrating for me ... I am not a "techie" on any level!  This has been a learning experience for me.  I really am looking forward to your feedback on my new website  ... let me know what you like, what you don't like and what you would like to see.  I can't promise that I can accomplish what you would like to see but I will try my best!

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