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About Janice

I spent most of my childhood in Sayward, an end-of-the-road town on northern Vancouver Island, a town similar to Atlin in many ways.

I moved to Calgary after school and thought "north" was Edmonton. One of the first trips Gregg and I took in 1993, was north to Atlin and Yukon. He had been here before. I fell in love with Atlin at first sight. Neither of us wanted to leave. We compromised and managed to come up for a number of summers finding work with the gold miners, hating to leave in the fall, always wanting to make our home.

Like a lot of Atlinites, we tried our hand at placer mining, staking ground, and selling claims. Fast forward to 2012, and we found ourselves property owners in Atlin.

I have always had a strong interest in what was happening in the real estate markets no matter where we were living, so when the opportunity presented itself to pursue a career in real estate here in Atlin, I jumped at the chance. I could not believe my luck.

My licence was recently issued with Northern Homes Real Estate and I am working closely with Myrna, absorbing everything I can.

When I am not learning as much as I can about real estate, you will find me in my home studio making silver, copper, brass, and gold nugget jewelry, a passion that developed after being surrounded with all the beauty and creativity that overflows in Atlin.

It is an exciting time for me and I look forward to working with all of you.


Janice Adams


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